Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Swedish spanking words

One could say that words exist because there is a need for them.

So, what about this has to do with spanking?

In Swedish there is a specific word for being spanked by the birch! It's called risbastu, which literary means "birch sauna," but are more accurately translated as "birching". Risbastu is a very fitting word because I really get warm and sweaty during a session of the birch, although the heat is mostly concentrated on one particular spot.

Since I'm writing about spanking-related words in Swedish, lets continue with the language lesson:

Plain spanking is smisk in Swedish, although smisk originally refers to lighter spankng, mostly with the open palm (also called dask), and it roughly can be translated into "slap". Nowadays though, I'm under the impression that "spank" can be directly translated into "smisk". Antoher way of referring to spanking in Swedish is smäll i stjärten, or just smäll. Smäll is a word with a wide meaning, roughly translated as crack, bang, slam, snap knock, blow, smack, etc. The phrase i stjärten, just means, "on the butt". Thus, "Vill du ha smäll (i stjärten)?" is the Swedish way of saying: "Do you want a spanking on your bottom?" The word stryk could probably also be used as spanking, although its translation is more ascosiated with beating than with spanking.

Birch rod, is in Swedish in reverse order: björkris. Björk means birch, as in the tree with white bark, and in this case the rod is ris. The difference between ris and rod however is that in English "rod" usually just refers to a single stick, like a cane. The Swedish ris on the other hand, is a bundle of sticks/twigs. Incidentally, and for some unknown reason, ris also means rice (yes, the thing you eat) in Swedish. It's no use just calling the birches (as spanking implement) simply as björk, unless you are requesting to get spanked by a whole tree trunk. And if you just say just ris, your spanker might get confused that you want to be hit with rice!

I think though that birch plainly works very well for ris -- the ris for spanking that is.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The good birch rod

That's my (Marcus') butt, after some minutes of warm-up and about 7 minutes more of birching...
As we are currently residing at the countryside, we have experimented a lot with birches. The birch rod is, or rather was, the preferred implement of corporal punishment in Sweden in the old days and Carolyn and I are intrigued by it. Just having to go out in nature to get the twigs for your own butt is punishment enough, not to mention that Carolyn has to approve the "quality" of the birches I pick for maximum effect.

But more about the pros and cons later. Now to the issue of this post: how to make a birch bundle, which I call birch rod from now on.

A birch rod consists of twigs -- even if it's not really from a birch tree -- in a bundle. For us, the actual birch tree provides the best material, since its twigs are both durable and flexible. Other flexible twigs are good too, like these ones we found during an afternoon walk:

They won't break during the spanking, and it's so flexible it almost sounds like a whip. Birch twigs are also the traditional material in Sweden for birching rods. Remember: the swishiest twigs come from young birch trees. The fresher, the better (and more painful! Picture below) We also try to take the straightest twigs possible, which prevents the twigs from getting to unwanted places like back, thigh and sides.

Less is more, also when it comes to birch making. While thick and big birch rods look impressive, it’s the small, thin ones that sting the most. Five to seven twigs in a bundle is usually good. So, after cutting 5-7 twigs we trim them of leaves and other branches to lessen the wind resistance. We also try to make the branches equally long, somewhere between 50 to 70cm. We also usually make two at a time though they tend to wear out after aproximatly 5-10 minutes of hard continous spanking, when they look like this:

Why the fascination about the birch? After all, there's the hassle of getting them in the first place (they are best fresh, otherwise you can keep them for a day in a vase with water), and the swishing branches leave so much mess inside the house that I have to have a "second punishment" of cleaning up after getting spanked.

But the pros? It just gives a wonderful --or terrible--sting. It's wonderful now when I think about it, but awfully terrible during the spanking itself. It's also so much more dreadful getting them when you know what awaits you. I usually can't hold position when being birched, especially when it’s hard and fast because the effect really is cumulative. With effective tying of my arms and legs though, I scream but I can't get away!

Although it hurts really much, another pro is that it leaves only superficial damage: no risk of injury, but it can leave you with welts, and sometimes very light bleeding. This is one implement you can actually be spanked with everyday, opposed to for instance the hairbrush. For the spanker's part, she/he can hit as hard as she can with this in mind. Except for being conscious of the neighbors hearing my screams, Carolyn says she can go on with it for a loooong time. My butt surely knows this from, um, experience.

/Marcus, who now has his own profile

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Our spanking journey begins

Hello and welcome to our site!

Our site is a fairly new one. I've just constructed it two days ago in fact. Why Spanking Journey? Over this past year, Marcus and I have collected so many spanking pictures and have decided to put them up in the form of a blog. We are still experimenting with new positions, implements, locations and scenarios though, but I must say that all are exciting, though I like some better than others. Compared to other spanking blogs out there, written by people with years of spanking experience, this blog will probably be one of the less "established"... take it as an amateur spankers' site. But we'll keep you posted on our new experiences, bruises and lashes. We're also experimenting on techniques on tying each other, for less possibilities of escape and wiggling >;-)

Carolyn's favorite implements to take on Marcus:
1. birches (ooooh! ooow!)
2. carpet beater
3. horse whip

What I like on my butt when Marcus gives it to me:
1. belt
2. hand
3. brush

We hope this can be a site where we can become more comfortable, get tips, and grow in our spanking journey!

Some pictures from the other day. I tied Marcus to the dining table. Newly waxed behind, hmmm.... :-)

I made him pick the birches himself after "failing his subjects" as an absentee schoolboy. Tsk tsk... That's not good, is it? To think I already warned him that he will get a spanking if he fails! Well, well. After seven minutes of birching (by the way he got it the next day too for something else), I comforted him on the bed and rubbed on his beautiful welts.

Okay, it dosn't look that bad... I think welts are a turn-on though. Birches are good since they don't leave any long-lasting marks, unlike the belt, which had given my aching butt a blue bruise. But that's a story for some other post.

We will keep up the good work!