Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Food and fetish

I don't know if it's the blogging that is affecting my subconscious or if the subconscious thoughts that were always there just got a chance to be heard -- and are therefore making their presence ever-known to me -- since I started this blog (or "we" rather, because -- despite me hogging all the blog space here-- Marcus was the one who actually had the idea of starting this up and I would never have considered it without his suggestion).

But here's what I know. Since starting this blog of ours, I...

1. Have been having vivid dreams that involved spanking, bondage, and sexuality almost every day. Some are sexy, and some are just plain weird. The weirdest one so far came to me a few nights ago. It involved me being tied on my back to a giant cheese wheel, my arms bound together, my knees apart and my feet on the cheese -- probably anticipating some light flogging. I imagined that you guys (the readers of this blog) loved the pictures of the cheese-bondage, and Marcus and I eventually came up with a series of close-ups involving my hands or my feet tied to various blocks of cheeses of different sizes and variants.

I know... it's crazy. But incidentally, while trying to find a picture of a giant cheese wheel, I found this picture of a milk maid lying on one, her butt pointed at the air and her feet seemingly held up. There are a few differences in our poses alright, but she could also be taunting you for a spank, don't you think?

(Picture by Don Emmert, AFP/Getty Images -- who may not be at all flattered that I have used his picture in this site. On the other hand, you never can tell!)

2. I realized since a few weeks ago that I really *really* enjoy anal play. Mostly, I enjoy touching Marcus' hole, just flicking my fingers around its edges, looking at it and even smelling it from time to time. I know that it sounds pervy... I would have thought so a few months back myself. However, I can't explain the feeling of plain excitement that I get from just having my fingers nearby, pinching some flesh now and then. Sometimes I even think I could get carried away massaging him this way and find my bare finger there by surprise! On the other hand, I find that Marcus' little peeps of surprise during these moments when I'm just about to enter my fingers are one of the most pleasurable sounds I have ever heard. During my recent visit to the hospital, I even managed to steal a bunch of latex gloves to fulfill my mounting curiosity and to satisfy my itchy fingers... :-D

This leads me to think that the strap-on is the way to go from here. Strap-ons were just plain invented for people like me! At the moment however, with neither a dildo nor a strap-on in my possession, one can be amazed at how necessity (or just plain desire to fulfill a curiosity) becomes the mother of invention. Funny as it seems to me now, I actually got the permission to use a carrot to fulfill my purpose -- an opportunity that I jumped at with eagerness! Haha! I actually laugh like an evil lady-dom when I perform these things on a probably humiliated Marcus. Actually though, I was actually very gentle -- when I wasn't over-excited, that is -- and I asked him a lot about what he felt, what he liked or didn't like. On the whole, my man here reports that he likes it, despite the strange choice of implement.

I swear I will never look at carrots the same way again though (however healthy and delicious these vegetables are)! Luckily, while looking for other weirdos like me under Google (searching for "carrot + butt" :-D) I found out that I am also in good company. Long ago, our dear friend Arnold Swarzenegger also tried to place a carrot between someone's butt cheeks (full article here). The difference between him and me though, is that I actually succeeded!


Purple Angel said...

Hmm carrots, never thought of that. But my partner and I enjoy anal play as well. We also use anal plugs as part of discipline, it isn't painful but it is certainly an uncomfortable way to sit and eat dinner along with a sore bottom.

When I first showed interest in that part of his anatomy my partner was extremely turned on but asked if I was really comfortable doing that. The answer was a resounding YES. He is clean, I am clean and it is just another part of his wonderful body.

We have both enjoyed those kinds of activities from that point on.
Purple Angel

Abby said...

Nothing like a sexy cheese dream to make one realize, "Wow, I really am thinking about this way too much." (Said the girl who dreamed of her cage at the spanking zoo.)

As for the carrot, I must say I admire your enthusiasm!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to stop by and say that I love your blog!

Carolyn said...

To Purple Angel and Abby: Well, well, didn't you know carrots are just the most versatile of vegetables? It's not described as phallic for nothing! :-)

And to anonymous: I really appreciate the comment! It certainly feels good to know that I'm not just babbling to myself around here! Thank you