Saturday, August 18, 2007

MyButt: I'm lovin' it!

They say you can never look at yourself from behind, but that doesn't stop you from loving it...

I know, I know... I'm totally hogging the scene in this blog whereas Marcus now prefers to stay on the sidelines and to read my (slowly increasing) entries instead. I have to think of some "project" for him to write about someday >;-D In the meantime, you'll keep on hearing from moi...

First, an observation. One of the other wonders about blogging about one's spanking journey is a kind of "relationship", empathy or understanding you suddenly share with other fellow spanko bloggers. Lately I have been able to relate to almost every spanko blogger entry I've come across. I read their spanking fantasies, their sensation while being spanked, being taken over by this blogging addiction, etc. and I think to myself, "Exactly, sistahs!" :-)

There was actually a time (in my sheltered youth!) when I thought this whole world of spanking and BSDM was strange one and that only "fake" people and fabricated personalities engaged in such activities. Quite the contrary! In fact, it was stupid of me to have thought this, which shows that it's always wrong to give judgement on people whom you don't really understand. People whose blogs I have read and who have shared their experiences with people like me are in fact some of the most honest, genuine people I have heard from, definitely much more true to themselves than some of the religious marms whom I grew up with. Also, being in a spanking relationship myself at present, I should be one of the first to know that spanking is possible in stable, commited relationships of people who truly love each other. It's not all that strange from any other sort of sex life or love life ... except this one is a tad more exciting and a just bit kinkier, to use some English understatements!

Being in this world is perhaps one of the best, most liberating, self-discovering events that has happened to me. This leads me to my second point, a revelation:

Within the two years I have been spanked and have been giving spankings, not only has my own self-image but even the image that I have with my own butt improved. It has changed from indifference, to self-consciousness, to (thankfully), a confidence in my own skin... or rather, my own backside.

When I started out with spanking, I was actually very conscious of how my butt looked like. I never thought that I would ever be conscious of it in the past, but after a few butt-fetish conversations with Marcus then, I was convinced that I wasn't blessed with oh-so-spankable "double juicys," which at that time, kind of depressed me. Too bad that butt transplants were expensive, risky and just plain silly, I thought. Besides, who would want to sit on a kind of hard cushion 24/7? I found this obsession of wanting to make my butt look bigger kind of strange and against-the-grain. Actually, most European girls probably have a butt-problem of the opposite nature: magazines depict the ideal model's backside to be slim, not shapely. Advertisements thrive on the "need" to reduce one's hip- and thigh fat. If they only knew how I would like to grow hip fat!!! Since the only fat I grow I seem to tuck under my belly, I even had a 6-month stint at the gym, working out my legs and my butt at the quite lazy pace of twice a week. I don't actually know if it worked or if it was just wishful thinking; at any case, I moved to indoor cycling which I also thought would improve my butt tone.

Yet, even then (I was enjoying myself to much with the cycling perhaps, so that I wasn't thinking primarily of my butt anymore?), I started to become "friends" with my butt. I never made any conscious decision to. Just one day, probably because of a particularly good spanking or a particularly loving butt-pat, I learned to be comfortable with how it looked -- regardless if it still isn't the most oh-so-spankable booty there is. When we started watching spanking videos, I realized even that butts indeed came in all shapes and sizes and mine was nothing to be ashamed of, as all the other parts of me. And like a good pat on the back, it felt good inside to know this. Externally speaking, this poured into other things: I started loving how my profile looked in a skirt, I'm now always on time for bikini-waxing and eventual plucking so I can use my sexy underwear more often (though I must admit I'm a sucker for the comfortable cotton ones). I also regularly moisturize my butt cheeks after the shower. But internally, I in fact learned to appreciate not only myself butt the humongous variety of body types there is in this world. I no longer look at big-butted people bitterly, nor do I envy them now. Instead, I learned to appreciate good-looking butts of all sizes when I see them, and actually manage to smile to myself authentically.

How about you? Are you comfortable with your butt? Please feel free to add your vote and to leave a comment if I missed anything out!



Abby said...

Hi Carolyn! I'm starting to notice that whenever I start thinking about a particular subject to do with spanking, someone is bound to have a post about it the same day. Perhaps we're all psychically linked? Anyhow, I was just fussing about my bottom last night! I'm on the "oh no it's too big" side of things, though, and I happen to think you have a fantastic bottom. It's funny how spanking really does improve one's perspective on the thing, though. I still have my "standard media makes me feel fat" days, but more often than not I have my "look at all the different types of butts there are in the spanking world, and some even look like mine--hurray!" days. Love your post. It's making me want to go out and buy some new panties to celebrate having a bottom that is, more importantly than what size it is, happily spanked.

Paul said...

Carolyn, interesting post, I've never met a spanker who hasn't enjoyed the spankee's butt, how ungrateful would that be.
If that picture is your butt you have a beauty.
Warm hugs,

Carolyn said...

Abby: I guess it's like a hobby club out here... after all, we're all linked together by a particular interest... but still, there's something so particularly human about finding something you thought was quirky in common with another. Okay, I won't get into any deep thoughts and I'll leave it at that. Anyway, Yaay, celebrate with panties! :-)

Paul: Thanks! :-) Actually Marcus admires my butt. It's not that he said anything to put me down when we started spanking; the self-conscious feelings I had then started from within... Must be some of those PMS-girly things now that I think of it, which transformed into one of those you-go-girl missions. Media and society tries to put so many constraints on how we should appear and all that, especially when it comes to ladies. Sometimes I think why we just couldn't *BE*, and I believe that's more or less my mind set now. Hmmm I sense another pseudo deep-thought there so I'll end here :-)

Dave said...

Fantastic post, and fantastic bottom! I'm new to this blog and am greatly enjoying it.

All the best,

Dave said...

Tops need to show some love for their butts, too. Personally, my butt may be my best asset--and then it's all down hill from there. . .


Carolyn said...

Hi Dave! Thanks for dropping by and I hope we continue to feed your interest with our blog! I linked you BTW

Anonymous said...

carolyn , i think your bum is fine and love to spank you