Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Have you ever been discovered?

First of all, I apologize to you all for the long delay in our posting. In the first weeks, as you know, Marcus was down with something (we actually thought it was salmonella since it coincided with some salmonella news here; but eventually we were able to rule it out). Then came the mountain of work for me, and it was just impossible to find time and blog! So again, my apologies.

Since no "real" spankings have been going on these past weeks (if you exclude playful ones that don't leave a mark, and zen spankings which I talked about recently), I thought I'd take a look at our own spanking photo archives from last year, to inspire me back to blogging.

I found this particularly cute pyjama picture of Marcus, from about this time of the year last year:

My broad brush had been used, resulting in pink round markings that raise slightly from the skin. Usch!

The funny thing is that my mom actually gave those pyjamas to us as a present (red for Marcus and blue for me -- our favorite colors), but she has no idea (to my knowledge anyway) that we have mostly been using it as a spanking costume. Perhaps if she mistakenly gets her way to this page, she will recognize the pattern from the pyjamas she had bought from Thailand.

I don't know how many of us would be able to share our kink with a family member. I've read some interviews of professional spankers (those that produce spanking movies), and how some of them have had to tell their parents so as not to lead a double life of sorts. As a "hobbyist", we never really felt a compulsion to divulge our hobby to anyone who knows us personally, but I remember how (because I failed to move some spanking pictures to another folder), my sister saw one of my red-butt pictures early on when Marcus and I became a couple.

I was showing her some cute couple pictures of us at Marcus' apartment, and as soon as I scrolled to the next picture, we were both surprised that it was a butt on the screen!

I deleted the picture in a hurry, red in my face as I would imagine. My butt was only slightly pink (it was one of our first spanking sessions, so I was eventually sorry that II deleted it), and Marcus -- who was worried that I might get turned off by the pain I wasn't used to by then -- fetched some re-freezable ice blocks to put on my bottom. So, the picture was actually of my pink butt, framed by a blue ice block!

I just explained it quickly to my sister as a game we tried, and then clumsily changed the topic (I even tried to say that it was Marcus' butt, hopefully she didn't stare at the picture long enough to see that it was womanly hips on the picture). Then, we never talked about the picture again. How embarrasing!!!

So my question for today stems from this personal experience of mine. Have any of you ever been discovered by a "vanilla" acquaintance, friend, or relative one time or another? How did you feel? How did you try to explain your way out of it, or did you just share the whole lot?

Polls at Blogflux don't work right now, so I would love to have your stories as comments, out of curiosity and to see weather anyone has the same experience as me!



Abby said...

Hello! I get so used to making playful innuendos about spanking that sometimes I forget and have to catch myself mid-phrase with my family, who live on the other side of the country. They still have no idea, though I wish I could tell them. They're especially paranoid, though, and would somehow "blame" it on themselves, even though it's something of which I am proud.

I have, however, had the experience of telling friends. I actually just came "out" to a new friend at work, who seemed like she might, possibly, at least understand. Turns out she has the same interest in spanking! I'm so excited and happy--I've never had a real live friend, only online friends, with the same enthusiasm. So though it took a good amount of bravery and four drinks, it all worked out for the best.

Good to have you back!

Carolyn said...

Oh, how fortunate that she not only was understanding, but also a spanko! That's it, isn't it -- you really never can tell which persons it is out there that are spankos, but it's probably more than we think!

Back to my sister who "caught me" (or my picture, rather), I was once in her apartment and she and her boyfriend were playfully swishing a long shoehorn in the air, giggling. That was after my sister saw the picture so I don't know to this day if their giggling was an allusion to my picture. I don't think they saw me see them though, so the more favorable interpretation is: that maybe my sister is a spanko too!

Maybe it runs in the family (my mom owns a broad wooden ruler, for one thing)! But I'm to ashamed to ask or bring it up!

Anyway, perhaps I should just keep it to myself lest I am just presuming and interpreting all their actions (with the ruler and shoehorn) as spanko-related when they may not be.

Carolyn said...

By the way, thanks for the welcome Abby! :-) Yeah, it feels good to have time for these things again.

Paul Down said...

sp where are the pics of you in your cute jammies Carolyn

Paul Down said...

sp where are the pics of you in your cute jammies Carolyn