Monday, September 3, 2007

The nurse and the zen spanking

Marcus is currently not feeling so well, so any serious spankings are put on hold for the moment. Instead, I am busy taking care of the poor sick boy -- a great time to fantasize about being strict mom or nurse. I did get an unusual request from my "patient" yesterday though. When his head was aching and I asked if he needed a massage, he instead asked for some light spankings...

Before you say that it was mean of me to oblige, it really wasn't a hard spanking, I can say that. I don't know what to call them really, but they've been called "zen spanking" elsewhere: light-to-medium hard taps on regular intervals, made to make you relax and be very aware at the same time. They're not so hard to make one cringe, but not so light that you are not aware of them. Rather, all your thoughts concentrate on ... well, nothing at all. They just float there somewhere, on a point between the ceiling and your rosy butt cheeks. It is a spanko's state of no-mind, and I can assure you that it is very relaxing.

So, that is what Marcus requested, and I couldn't resist turning it into a small game, with me as the therapist, releasing Marcus of his negative energies. I sat on the bed beside him, just spanking decisively and talking gently. When I asked him, he actually said it took some pain away from his head -- probably my zen spankings gave him some other sort of pain to think about. After a 10- to 15- minute session, he was sufficiently relaxed and sufficiently tired, and slept like a baby. Then I sneaked this picture (I think the butt looked rosier than it looks in the picture though!)

I sound like a spanking testimonial here, but this is actually one of the wonders of a spanking relationship: it has so many dimensions, all loving, but with different degrees of intensity, seriousness, playfulness, even different purposes! Everyone would benefit in this stressed world if you could enter 15-minute spanking parlors during your lunch break, don't you think? Almost all domestic violence will disappear, too. We all need that endorphin rush from time to time, or that feeling of being punished, forgiven and caressed -- all of which the world of spanking can give. But before I start marketing consensual spanking as a cure-all, I'll stop here.

Just wish Marcus a get-well-soon, everyone, and send your zen spankings over for his speedy recovery!

P.S. Some religious weirdo has posted an incredibly long comment on many spanking blogs (including mine), about god's wrath and sexual deviancy blah blah blah. Well, not that I read the whole "document" of his, but ... where did this weirdo come from? Anyway, he's bonkers and antisocial enough not to know that comments can be deleted, and will be if the blog owner sees fit. And by the way, that person deserves a serious spanking with a "holy" paddle (which is what I call a paddle with holes) just because I saw his comment first thing in the morning. Ugh! D.S.


Piper said...

So sorry to hear Marcus isn't feeling well! But it sounds like you are taking good care of him :) Hope he gets well soon!

Carolyn said...

Thanks piper! Unfortunately, the poor guy hasn't totally recovered yet. It's a mixture between tummy problems and some fever, but it has been getting slowly better for the past 3 days or so. So, no new posts for now :-( Sniff!

Anonymous said...

"Holey" paddles? hmmmmm, also called a Spencer Paddle

Abby said...

Feel better Marcus!

Carolyn, I love love love the idea of zen spanking. It makes complete sense. Sexual arousal is supposed to be a good pain inhibitor, so even if it's pain being used to ease the focus off other pain, the hormones that get triggered would take care of the rest.

I also like the imagery of the zen spanking nurse. :-) Very sweet and sexy all at once! I hope you and Marcus are doing well and are healthier by the day.